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EcoTech Marine Radion LED Light Fixture Rail
EcoTech Marine Radion LED Light Fixture Rail

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* Mounting rails for secure attachment of EcoTech Marine Radion LED light fixtures
* Secure multiple Radion LED light fixtures together to suit your aquarium lighting needs
* Use in conjunction with the EcoTech Marine Radion LED Light Fixture Hanging Kit

EcoTech Marine Radion Hanging Solutions
Radion Rails offer custom mounting solutions for multiple Radion LED light fixtures. Compatible with the Radion Hanging Kit, the Radion Rails come in two lengths (16" Short and 18" Long). Use Radion Rails to securely attach two Radion LED fixtures or add the +Plus One Long Rail to the configuration for wider spacing or to create a triple Radion LED lighting system! Use with the EcoTech Marine Radion LED Light Fixture Hanging Kit to securely suspend your Radion LED light fixtures over your aquarium. Each sold separately.

EcoSmart Live

The web-based reef-aquarium command center from EcoTech Marine

Your Web-Based Aquarium Equipment Command Center EcoSmart Live is the cloud-based equipment command center from EcoTech Marine. Control and customize your Radion LED lights and VorTech propeller pumps anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). And because it's all stored in the cloud, your connection is always secure and your data is backed up to save your valuable custom programming information.

Control Your Equipment Anywhere, Any Time

No matter where life takes you, your tank is right there with you. EcoSmart Live is a cloud-based app, so you can access it through a web browser on any computer or tablet with an Internet connection.

Enjoy the peace of mind that your reef and its inhabitants are cared for and safe. (And you can say goodbye to installing software or staying on top of updates. New features are installed automatically.)

Customize the Way Your Equipment Operates

How much control you take is up to you. For example, use one of the many predefined Radion lighting modes - or create your own special modes by controlling each color individually. You can even change your Radion light's intensity during the day and adjust lunar phases at night.

Soon you'll be able to control every piece of EcoTech Marine equipment through EcoSmart Live, including VorTech Propeller Pumps and any new equipment Eco Tech Marine launches.

Take EcoSmart Live to the Next Level

The ReefLink is not necessary to access EcoSmart Live - but you'll love the flexibility and freedom it provides. By eliminating the need to connect your Radion by USB to a MAC or PC, ReefLink keeps your aquarium always connected, always accessible. With a ReefLink, you can use an iPhone or iPad (and soon Android smart phones and tablets) to control your Radion lights and VorTech pumps.

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