Submerged Aquatic Plants: Oxygenating Plant Species for Ponds
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Submerged Aquatic Plants
Submerged aquatic plants aid in maintaining clean water, discouraging algae growth, and providing oxygen. These plants can be potted in one-gallon pots and should be completely submerged underwater at least 12 inches. These plants are shipped in bunches loosely held together with rubber bands.
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Anacharis (Dozen) Anacharis (Dozen)
(Egeria densa)
Starting at $19.99
Cabomba (Dozen) Cabomba (Dozen)
(Cabomba pulcherrima)
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Hornwort (Dozen) Hornwort (Dozen)
(Ceratophyllum demursum)
Starting at $19.99
3 results