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I would 100% recommend buying from liveaquaria.com. Lots of variety and something for everyone.
They did what they promised. I signed up to be notified when an out of stock item was available. It was less than 3 days later and I got the email. Went online, saw it and made the purchase. Shipping is cheap compared to others and the whole process was done in under five minutes. Others can’t offer this. Very satisfied. Will be back.

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10 Ways to Say Adios to Algae
10 Ways to Say Adios to Algae
Left unchecked, nuisance algae can cover aquarium glass - in colors ranging from black to bright green in freshwater, or even pink, purple, or burgundy in saltwater - making viewing your beautiful inhabitants impossible. It can also quickly cover the decorations, diminishing the appeal of the entire environment. Check out our top 10 tips to Say Adios to Algae!
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Aquarium Maintenance While You're Away
Aquarium Maintenance While You're Away
Planning ahead ensures your aquarium stays in peak condition while you are away. Before you leave, address the more-involved or higher-ticket aspects of your aquarium system.
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Fish Compatibility Charts
Fish Compatibility Charts
Tank mate compatibility is crucial to a successful and healthy home aquarium
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