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Since I am setting up my first aquarium, it was important to me that I felt comfortable ordering products that were high quality. I also appreciated all the information that is available to help make choices.
I've been buying live fish and plants and live rock from live aquaria for over 19 years now and haven't found anything better as of, yet!
1st order in Marana, Source: Bizrate survey, September '20
This was my first time ordering fish and inverts online and it could not have gone any smoother. I was super aware of delivery times and the process of getting the fish, getting them acclimated and into my tank was so efficient. Thanks LiveAquaria!

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Pistol Shrimp & Gobies: A Safe Alliance
Pistol Shrimp & Gobies: A Safe Alliance
Much like anemones and clownfish, pistol (snapping) shrimp of the genus Alpheus and certain bottom-dwelling gobies share a symbiotic relationship in which each partner benefits. To bring this interesting relationship to your home aquarium, begin with a well-established aquarium 30 gallons in size or larger.
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Winterizing in Fall
Winterizing in Fall
Getting your pond ready for winter really begins in the fall. Water temperature, rather than air temperature, is the important indicator of when it's best to make changes to your pond.
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Fish Compatibility Charts
Fish Compatibility Charts
Tank mate compatibility is crucial to a successful and healthy home aquarium
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