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I loved the way the website was set up. It was so easy to follow and find exactly what I was looking for to go in my tank. I would 100% recommend them!
Corky, Source: Bizrate survey, Mar '20
Easy to navigate website and have never had any issues ordering both dry goods and livestock. Everything I have ordered has always arrived nice and healthy.
Anonymous, Source: Bizrate survey, Mar '20
Bought a very nice wrasse from divers den, acclimated great and it eats like a champ. It's my favorite fish in the tank.
excellent quality, Source: Bizrate survey, Mar '20

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Introducing New Fish into Your Aquarium
Introducing New Fish into Your Aquarium
Correctly introducing new fish to your aquarium is important not only for the health of the new fish, but for your existing fish as well. When incompatible fish are added to an aquarium the weakest fish are often stressed, making them more susceptible to disease-causing organisms. Once it gains a foothold, these disease-causing organisms can potentially infect your entire aquarium environment.
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How to Build a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
How to Build a Backyard Wildlife Habitat
"Bringing nature to your own backyard" entails learning how nature works and bringing nature's methods of balancing a wetland ecosystem into your backyard to keep a healthy balance between all pond inhabitants and their environment.
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Fish Compatibility Charts
Fish Compatibility Charts
Tank mate compatibility is crucial to a successful and healthy home aquarium
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