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Miscellaneous Pond Fish
Mosquito Fish and Bitterlings are wonderful for controlling mosquito larvae within the pond and ultimately the amount of annoying mosquitoes in your yard. Other decorative fish in this category do not grow as large as koi and are great additions for even a smaller pond.
Do not release any aquarium or pond species into local waters
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Care Level
Color Form
Sarasa Comet Sarasa Comet
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $5.99
American Flagfish American Flagfish
(Jordanella floridae)
Starting at $3.79
Shubunkin Shubunkin
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $4.99
Fancy Goldfish 20 Pack Fancy Goldfish 20 Pack
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $429.99
Koi and Pond Fish 12 Pack Koi and Pond Fish 12 Pack
(Carassius auratus)
Starting at $289.99
Mosquito Fish Mosquito Fish
(Gambusia sp. aff. Affinis)
Starting at $1.59
Bitterling - Assorted Bitterling - Assorted
(Rhodeus sp.)
Starting at $12.99
Taiwanese Bitterling Taiwanese Bitterling
(Paracheilognathus himantegus)
Starting at $13.99