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Scallops Scallops are filter feeders, requiring food designed for these types of invertebrates. They require a sandy substrate or a large rock formation to find comfortable spots to rest and feed. Specialized foods and great water quality are required to successfully maintain these organisms in the home aquarium.  

Looking for the best food to feed your Scallops? We recommend AlgaGen Acartia tonsa, AlgaGen Pseudodiaptomus pelagicus, AlgaGen Parvocalanus crassirostris, AlgaGen Tangerine Pod, AlgaGen Moina salina, AlgaGen PhycoPure™ Reef Blend, AlgaGen Decap'd Brine™, and AlgaGen Rotifers.

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Electric Flame Scallop
Electric Flame Scallop
(Lima sp.)
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