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Filter Media

LiveAquaria® is proud to introduce our brand of professional filter media and water conditioners designed specifically to help hobbyists of all skill levels achieve success for less. When you shop LiveAquaria® brand professional filter media and water conditioners, you can trust it represents one of the highest-quality product available in the industry offered to you at a competitive, budget-friendly price. Whether you have a freshwater community aquarium or a marine (saltwater) aquarium, discover the many advantages LiveAquaria® professional filter media and water conditioners have to offer you!

LiveAquaria® Professional Activated Carbon

Activated carbon is arguably one of the most popular chemical filter media used by hobbyists of all skill levels to improve water quality and water clarity. Covered with microscopic pores that bind organic and inorganic materials, activated carbon is capable of removing a wide variety of pollutants including copper, chlorine, carbohydrates, dissolved organic materials, as well as discoloration. Use our LiveAquaria® Professional Pelleted Carbon in filters or our LiveAquaria® Professional Granulated Carbon in filters and media reactors to achieve cleaner, clearer aquarium water.

Pelleted Carbon

Professional Pelleted Carbon

Granulated Carbon

Professional Granulated Carbon

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