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New World Cichlids
New World Cichlids are a diverse group of fish often referred to as South or Central American Cichlids. American Cichlids are a hardy, easy to care for fish species that add brilliant color to the freshwater aquarium. Looking for African Cichlids?

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36 results

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Care Level
Color Form
Dwarf Cockatoo Cichlid - Orange Flash Dwarf Cockatoo Cichlid - Orange Flash
(Apistogramma cacatuoides)
Starting at $11.99
Assorted Longfin Oscar Assorted Longfin Oscar
(Astronotus ocellatus)
Starting at $19.99
German Gold Ram German Gold Ram EXPERT ONLY
(Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)
Starting at $11.99
German Blue Ram German Blue Ram EXPERT ONLY
(Mikrogeophagus ramirezi)
Starting at $10.99
Dwarf Cockatoo Cichlid Dwarf Cockatoo Cichlid
(Apistogramma cacatuoides)
Starting at $10.99
Macaw Nicaraguense Cichlid Macaw Nicaraguense Cichlid
(Hypsophrys nicaraguensis)
Starting at $11.99
Lemon Oscar Lemon Oscar
(Astronotus ocellatus)
Starting at $18.99
Uaru Cichlid Uaru Cichlid
(Uaru amphiacanthoides)
Starting at $34.99
Green Terror New Woeld Cichlid Green Terror
(Andinoacara rivulatus)
Starting at $5.79
Tiger Oscar, Albino Tiger Oscar, Albino
(Astronotus ocellatus)
Starting at $7.99
Pink Jack Dempsey Pink Jack Dempsey
(Rocio octofasciatum)
Starting at $21.99
Dearf Agassizii Flame Red Dwarf Agassizii Flame Red
(Apistogramma agassizii)
Starting at $29.99
36 results