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Freshwater Fish for Beginners
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To ensure compatibility for aquarium success, please check our compatibility chart before making your fish selection.

LiveAquaria® Freshwater Fish for Beginners is where you’ll find a wonderful assortment of popular freshwater aquarium fish in one convenient spot. Spend less time looking for easier-to-care-for aquarium fish well-suited for the beginning hobbyist. Pursue your freshwater aquarium hobby with greater ease when you shop this category of freshwater aquarium fish proven to be hardy and undemanding.

Stock smart when you shop this featured selection of Freshwater Fish for Beginners. This collection of beautiful aquatic life is carefully selected and recommended by our aquatic experts for their hardiness and overall ease of care.

79 results

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Care Level
Color Form
Max. Size
Gold Ring Burmese Danio Gold Ring Burmese Danio
(Danio tinwini)
Starting at $5.99
Golden White Cloud Golden White Cloud
(Tanichthys albonubes)
Starting at $2.69
Cherry Barb Cherry Barb
(Puntius titteya)
Starting at $2.79
Black Neon Tetra Black Neon Tetra
(Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi)
Starting at $1.49
Candy Cane Tetra Candy Cane Tetra
(Hyphessobrycon sp. HY511)
Starting at $6.49
Green Cobra Guppy Green Cobra Guppy, Male
(Poecilia reticulata)
Starting at $14.99
Head and Tail Light Tetra Head and Tail Light Tetra
(Hemigrammus ocellifer)
Starting at $1.39
Bucktooth Tetra Bucktooth Tetra
(Exodon paradoxus)
Starting at $12.99
Harlequin Rasbora Harlequin Rasbora
(Rasbora heteromorpha)
Starting at $1.99
Green Kubotai Rasbora Green Kubotai Rasbora
(Rasbora kubotai)
Starting at $6.49
Pink Custard Male Guppy Pink Custard Guppy, Male
(Poecilia reticulata)
Starting at $14.99
Yellow Sunrise Male Guppy Yellow Sunrise Guppy, Male
(Poecilia reticulata)
Starting at $14.99
Turquoise Male Guppy Turquoise Guppy, Male
(Poecilia reticulata)
Starting at $14.99
Red Coral Male Guppy Red Coral Guppy, Male
(Poecilia reticulata)
Starting at $14.99
Painted Platy Painted Platy
(Xiphophorus maculatus)
Starting at $2.69
Red Wag Platy Red Wag Platy
(Xiphophorus maculatus)
Starting at $1.69
Panda Cory Cat Panda Cory Cat
(Corydoras panda)
Starting at $4.99
Emerald Green Cory Cat Emerald Green Cory Cat
(Brochis splendens)
Starting at $6.99
Melini Corydoras Catfish Melini Corydoras Catfish
(Corydoras melini)
Starting at $6.99
Neon Red Corydoras LaserCatfish Neon Red Laser Corydoras Catfish
(Corydoras aeneus)
Starting at $16.99
Albino Aeneus Cory Cat Albino Aeneus Cory Cat
(Corydoras aeneus)
Starting at $4.49
Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami
(Colisa lalia)
Starting at $11.99
Flame Dwarf Gourami Flame Dwarf Gourami
(Colisa lalia)
Starting at $8.99
Painted Swordtail Painted Swordtail
(Xiphophorus helleri)
Starting at $2.49
79 results
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