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The average size of most Damselfish is two inches. They are often used to break in or cycle new aquariums. The majority of these fish are highly territorial, and may become aggressive toward other tankmates. They do well in groups of the same species.
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Care Level
Color Form
Blue and Gold Damselfish Blue and Gold Damselfish
(Pomacentrus coelestis)
Starting at $8.99
Regal Demoiselle Regal Demoiselle
(Neopomacentrus cyanomos)
Starting at $5.99
Similar Damselfish Similar Damselfish
(Pomacentrus similis)
Starting at $4.99
Tracey's Damselfish Tracey's Damselfish
(Chrysiptera traceyi)
Starting at $29.99
Azure Damselfish, Captive-Bred Azure Damselfish, Captive-Bred
(Chrysiptera hemicyanea)
Starting at $9.99
Ternate Damselfish Ternate Damselfish
(Amblyglyphidodon ternatensis)
Starting at $4.99
30 results