Plants for Ponds & Water Gardens: Variegated Sweetflag Bog Plant
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Variegated Sweetflag
(Acorus calamus "variegatus")
Variegated Sweetflag
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Quick Stats

Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Green
Water Conditions 65-80° F, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size 3'
Origin Farm Raised
Family Acoraceae
Lighting Natural
Placement Background
Propagation Rhizome Division
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A variegated variety of Acorus calamus, the Variegated Sweetflag, has cream and green-striped, sword-like foliage that makes an excellent background plant. It grows from 2 to 3 feet long and has glossy leaves with distinctive midribs and crinkling along part of one edge.

The Variegated Sweetflag does not grow as fast as its green counterpart, but will still require a wide-mouthed, 5-gallon pot and annual repotting. It prefers to be submersed 1-12" and has a spread of 12-48". When planting, place roots against sides of pot for maximum growing space across the pot and to prevent them from jumping out. The roots grow shallowly across the soil and produce twin offshoots from each side along the length of the rhizome.

These offshoots can extend to develop their own offshoots as well. Rooted plantlets can be cut from the main rhizome in spring or summer. If plantlets have not developed enough roots, expose them to water and repot when roots are sufficient to anchor the plant. Grow in sun to part shade. Goes fully dormant during winter. Zones 3-11.

Approximate Purchase Size: 12" to 18"

Customer Testimonials

Kurt D Crete , IL
This is an excellant plant for the border of any pond and provides great cover for young fish. It easily survives cold winters and can be allowed to spread readily or be neatly contained.
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