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Azoo Real Plant Artificial Nuphar sp.
Azoo Real Plant Artificial Nuphar sp.
Azoo Real Plant Artificial Nuphar sp.
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!
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*Life-like artificial Nuphar sp plant replica for aquarium decoration
*Enhance your aquarium and provide a perfect environment for fish
*Attractive flexible fabric leaves add fullness and natural appearance

Transform empty or tired-looking aquariums into a lush and attractive display with minimal effort. Azoo Real Plant Artificial Nuphar sp. aquarium plant replica boasts exceptional realism and life-like appearance. Attractive flexible fabric leaves add fullness and enhances visual depth and interest to your aquarium. Weighted resin rock base allows drift-free placement.

Azoo Real Plant aquarium decorations are great for beautifying your aquarium landscape or providing the perfect environment for fish to hide or spawn. Use multiple plants of varying size, shape, color and style to achieve a visually pleasing aquascape layout.

Azoo Real Plant Artificial Nuphar sp. measures approximately 12" high.

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To Install
Remove packaging and rinse Azoo Real Plant in warm water. Place plant in the aquarium, sinking the base of the plant into the gravel.

Planting Tip
To create visual depth in the aquarium, place taller plants in the back of the tank and shorter plants in the front. Mix styles and colors of plants to create an aquarium unlike any other.

Cleaning Instructions
Use only water to clean Azoo Real Plants. Wash and wipe Azoo Real Plant with a clean sponge. Do not clean it with soap, soap powder, alcohol, or an organic reagent.

About Azoo
Azoo was established in 1996 by Taikong Corp.
Taikong Corp., established in 1977, a biotech corporation, which has gained ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, quality certification, justified by the International Standard Organization. Taikong manufactures high quality aquarium products, also researches and develops fluorescent fish, distributing them all over the world. Since the first fully fluorescent transgenic fish was announced in 2001, 15 more new species Fluorescent Fish were announced afterwards continuously. Five of them were launched in the market already.

The Fluorescent Fish has become the representative of Taikong's achievement in the field of Marine Bio-technology. To display the fluorescent fish, Azoo has created many aquarium accessories. Setting up the fluorescent fish aquarium with blue light and lifelike neon coral can achieve the optimal viewing results. Using Azoo Nano-tech tablet to refrain from algae allows people a simple and easy maintenance.

With Azoo products, people can easily enjoy the fun to have marine-like tanks in their own houses and offices. As suggested by its name, Azoo stands for A-grade aquarium accessories. This market philosophy is to create an ecological museum at home for all hobbyists and ensure such joys lead to a happy and healthy life. Azoo positions them as "The AQUA LEADER of NEW AGE".

Azoo owns the most professional R&D capability and always focus on product innovation. Since 1996, Azoo has been constantly developing competitive and innovative products and distributing them through worldwide integral channels as well as Azoo web site. Azoo has become the leading company with enormous potential in the fields of aquarium products and biotechnology.

In the future, AZOO will carry on with a view of creating healthy and happy life for people and would like to share all their innovative ideas and achievement with you!

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