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Thomasi (L-188a) Plecostomus
(Chaetostoma thomasi)
Thomasi (L-188a) Plecostomus Due to variations within species, your item may not look identical to the image provided.

Quick Stats

Minimum Tank Size 50 gallons
Care Level Easy
Temperament Peaceful
Water Conditions 72-78° F, KH 6-10, pH 6.5-7.4
Max. Size 6"
Color Form Tan, Yellow
Diet Omnivore
Origin South America
Family Loricariidae
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The Thomasi Plecostomus comes from the rivers and tributaries of South America. The body is light brown to gold with the scales being outlined in a darker brown to gray, giving this fish a heavily-armored look. Thomasi Plecos make good additions to any community aquarium.

Planted aquariums with hearty, fast-growing plants, high aeration, and water movement make for a healthy environment. Rocks and driftwood help to accent a natural habitat and provide hiding spaces to reduce stress for the Thomasi Plecostomus. A recommended minimum tank of 50 gallons should be provided to house this fish.

The Thomasi Plecostomus has not been bred in an aquarium and little is known about their breeding habits.

Feeding the Thomasi Plecostomus is not difficult due to the fact that it is not a finicky eater. Feeding off the bottom of the aquarium, it gets most of its nutrition from left over food and algae. If there is no algae or left over food present, supplement with high quality flake food, sinking carnivore pellets, freeze-dried bloodworms, and tubifex.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1 1/2" to 4"

Customer Testimonials

Beth Roanoke , VA
This little pleco has been an awesome addition to my tank. He is peaceful and always out either eating off the side of the tank or off the driftwood. He is very healthy and overall just a very cool fish.
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