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Diver's Den Coral
Brackish Fish
Brackish fish originate from areas in which freshwater meets saltwater. Fish that live in these areas are able to tolerate a wide range of salinities. Brackish fish do best in water with a salinity of 1.015, or 1/4 cup marine salt per gallon, and a pH of 7.5 to 8.4.
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Care Level
Color Form
Black Molly Black Molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Starting at $2.49
Balloon Molly Balloon Molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Starting at $4.99
Gold Dust Molly Gold Dust Molly
(Poecilia sphenops)
Starting at $2.99
Brackish Figure 8 Puffer Figure 8 Puffer
(Tetraodon biocellatus)
Starting at $9.99
Brackish Mono Argentus Mono Argentus
(Monodactylus argenteus)
Starting at $19.99
Columbian Shark Columbian Shark
(Arius jordani)
Starting at $5.79
Brackish Bumble Bee Goby Bumble Bee Goby
(Brachygobius doriae)
Starting at $4.49
Prehistoric Dragon Goby Prehistoric Dragon Goby
(Gobioides broussonnetii)
Starting at $11.99
Black Lyretail Molly Black Lyretail Molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Starting at $2.49
Brackish Fan Dance Goby Fan Dance Goby
(Stigmatogobius sadanundio)
Starting at $6.59
Dalmatian Molly Dalmatian Molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Starting at $2.49
Marble Lyretail Molly Marble Lyretail Molly
(Poecilia sphenops)
Starting at $2.99
Dalmation Lyretail Molly Dalmation Lyretail Molly
(Poecilia latipinna)
Starting at $2.49