Pond Fish & Plants: Koi, Goldfish and Plants for Pond Stocking
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LiveAquaria adds life to your backyard pond whether you're looking to stock it with high quality koi or plant a lush water garden. Shop domestic and imported koi, fancy goldfish, or other pond fish as well as a diverse selection of water-loving plants from water lilies, marginal plants, to fully aquatic submerged plants.

NEW! To provide a complete shopping experience for pond keepers, LiveAquaria® now offers pond fish foods. Find a great selection of nutritious staple diets, wheat germ diets, growth diets, and color-enhancing diets for pond fish large or small. Feed koi, ornamental goldfish, and other pond fish a varied and seasonally appropriate diet to ensure overall health and growth.

Before adding your new fish to your pond, we highly recommend quarantining them for two weeks. NEW TO LIVEAQUARIA? Learn how easy it is to order your pond fish online.

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