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Foxface & Rabbitfish
Rabbitfish, found in shallow lagoons, have small, hare-like mouths, large dark eyes, and a peaceful temperament. They are colorful, and have well developed, venomous dorsal and anal fin spines. Use caution when handling these fish, as the spines will inflict a painful sting. Click here to learn more about these fascinating fish.
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Care Level
Color Form
Foxface Lo Foxface Lo
(Siganus vulpinus)
Starting at $119.99
Bicolor Foxface Bicolor Foxface
(Siganus uspi)
Starting at $69.99
Magnificent Foxface Magnificent Foxface
(Siganus magnificus)
Starting at $99.99
One Spot Foxface One Spot Foxface
(Siganus unimaculatus)
Starting at $94.99
Yellow Blotch Rabbitfish Yellow Blotch Rabbitfish
(Siganus guttatus)
Starting at $49.99
Blue Spotted Rabbitfish Blue Spotted Rabbitfish
(Siganus corallinus)
Starting at $99.99
Two Barred Rabbitfish Two Barred Rabbitfish
(Siganus virgatus)
Starting at $44.99
Decorated Rabbitfish Decorated Rabbitfish
(Siganus puellus)
Starting at $54.99
Gold Spotted Rabbitfish Gold Spotted Rabbitfish
(Siganus punctatus)
Starting at $49.99