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Babylon Snails are also referred to as Leopard or Tiger Nassarius snail. These larger snails make a great addition to the fish only or reef aquarium that utilizes a sand bed. Babylon Snails are nocturnal animals and normally are visible later in the day or evening after the lights go out on the display. These beneficial snails help clean and aerate sandy substrate and scavenge for uneaten food and decaying organics in a similar manner to Nassarius snails.

The Babylon Snail can grow to about 3" and do well in all sizes aquariums that contain fish or other animals that require supplemental feedings of meaty foods. It has been reported that these snails prey on gastropods (Snails) but we have not experienced this behavior in our Aquaculture Coral and Aquatic life facility as we maintain them in a variety of aquariums that contain sandy substrate and have never observed this behavior first hand. They will however prey on bivalves such as small clams so avoid this snail if housing Tridacna spp clams in the home aquarium.

Babylon Snails are scavenging omnivores, and will uneaten food, decaying organics and detritus. Offer small pieces of minced fresh fish or krill, and high quality meaty frozen foods to supplement what they will feed on from the bottom of the tank.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to 2”

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