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The Shortspine Urchin, Caribbean also known as the Rock Boring Urchin, is an excellent addition to your algae-grazing cleanup crew. This small urchin from the Caribbean is primarily purplish-black and may exhibit a reddish tint.

In the wild, this echinoid is very common on wave-beaten rocky shores in the Caribbean, where it is found in holes and crevices in just below low-tide level, typically no deeper than 1.3 meters. The hardy Shortspine Urchin, Caribbean will thrive in most marine aquariums, boring into the substrate by day and grazing on algae while roaming at night. They are also less inclined to "redecorate" your aquarium by moving or carrying around small items, as Pincushion Urchins are known to do.

In the aquarium, food can be placed near its spines or even on them. The spines have the ability to transport the food to its mouth. Use care when handling the Shortspine Urchin, as the spines are sharp and may break-off under the skin.

Approximate Purchase Size: 2" to 3-1/2"

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