Sea Fans: Sea Fan Corals
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Sea Fans
Sea Fans are similar to soft corals, however, they anchor themselves in mud or sand instead of attaching themselves to hard substrates. Some Sea Fans require up to 8 inches of sand. Most Sea Fans are nocturnal, only extending their polyps during the nighttime hours. They consume plankton and require strong currents to carry their food. 
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Blueberry Sea Fan Blueberry Sea Fan
(Acalycigorgia sp.)
Starting at $69.99
Rusty Gorgonian Sea Fan Rusty Gorgonian
(Gorgonia sp.)
Starting at $39.99
Yellow Finger Gorgonian Sea Fan Yellow Finger Gorgonian
(Diodogorgia nodulifera)
Starting at $39.99
Red Finger Gorgonian Sea Fan Red Finger Gorgonian
(Diodogorgia nodulifera)
Starting at $39.99
Red Sea Fan Red Sea Fan
(Gorgonia sp.)
Starting at $39.99
Purple Ribbon Gorgonian Sea Fan Purple Ribbon Gorgonian
(Gorgonia spp.)
Starting at $26.99
Purple Brush Gorgonian Sea Fan Purple Brush Gorgonian
(Muriceopsis flavida)
Starting at $39.99
Purple Whip Gorgonian Purple Whip Gorgonian
(Pseudopterogorgia sp.)
Starting at $39.99
Green Lace Gorgonian Sea Fan Green Lace Gorgonian
(Pterogorgia citrina)
Starting at $26.99
Orange Tree Gorgonian Sea Fan Orange Tree Gorgonian
(Swiftia exserta)
Starting at $49.99
10 results
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