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Most sharks available for the home aquarium are found on or around coral reefs, rocky reefs, or lagoons. Vitamin-enriched frozen squid, live ghost shrimp, and other meaty foods should be offered. After the Sharks have had time to establish themselves in the aquarium, it is advisable to control the amount of food offered. Most Sharks will outgrow even very large aquariums.
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Minimum Aquarium Size
Care Level
Color Form
Shark Egg Shark Egg
(Chiloscyllium sp.)
Starting at $44.99
Cat Shark, Black Banded Cat Shark, Black Banded
(Chiloscyllium punctatum)
Starting at $79.99
Marbled Bamboo Cat Shark Marbled Bamboo Cat Shark
(Chiloscyllium plagiosum)
Starting at $69.99