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AquaIllumination Prime Fuge LED Light Fixture
AquaIllumination Prime Fuge LED Light Fixture
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AquaIllumination Prime Fuge LED Light Fixture

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* LED light designed specifically for growing macroalgae in aquarium refugiums
*16 LED light fixture emits a red light spectrum optimized for fast macroalgae growth
*Compact Prime Fuge LED boasts all the power you need to grow macroalgae

From Aqua Illumination comes the AI Prime Fuge LED Light, the first LED light designed specifically for growing macroalgae in a refugium. This compact fixture features 14 LED lights tailored to help macroalgae with photosynthesis. The more photosynthesis, the more growth you'll see. With more growth and stronger, healthier macroalgae, you'll get clearer, fresher aquarium water.

The 10 red LEDs are complemented by one violet LED and two cool white LEDs, giving off the purple hue that horticultural grow lights are known for.

The compact fixture is compatible with other Prime mounting options, including the Prime Hanging Kit, Prime Tank Mount, and the Prime Flex Arm.

Prime Fuge LED Light Fixture measures only 4.88" by 4.88" by 1.3" but thanks to the improved TIR optic lenses, the Prime Fuge delivers even and efficient light distribution.

In addition to being WiFi compatible, the fixture is also compatible with the MyAI app available for Android and iOS.

What's in the Box:
AI Prime Fuge LED Light
Power Adapter
Quick Start Guide

The AI Prime Fuge comes standard with 80-degree lenses, giving you the best balance of power and spread. Improved TIR lens optics boasts greater than 90% optical efficiency and includes a diffuse exit surface to provide improved color blending.

About AquaIllumination C2 Development
Founded in 2007, C2 Development is the leader in high performance, high efficiency reef aquarium lighting systems. They are constantly pushing the limits of illumination technology. C2 Development assembles all PCB's in house with our high throughput SMT line, giving them the ability to oversee quality control to the highest degree while keeping prices down. Since the beginning C2 Development has engineered, designed, and assembled all their modules in Ames, Iowa. Focusing on engineering and design with their in-house team, C2 Development produces top products at great prices.

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