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Cobalt Aquatics Rescue Air DC Air Pump
Cobalt Aquatics Rescue Air DC Air Pump
Cobalt Aquatics Rescue Air DC Air Pump
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*USB Rechargeable Lithium Ion Internal Battery
*Up to 72 hours run time with included extra external battery pack
*Automatically detects power outages* and engages air to keep livestock alive (*when plugged in to a wall outlet)

The Cobalt Aquatics Rescue Air DC Air Pump features an internal battery that provides up to 24 hours of operation, plus a USB power bank that will run the pump for up to 72 hours during power outages, emergencies, transporting fish, or for fish collecting trips, making this a supremely reliable air pump.

It comes complete with both an air line and air stone, ready to go at a moment's notice right out of the box. Both the pump and power bank can be charged by standard car USB chargers to provide even more flexible and longer operation.

A strong output of up to 31 gph air and up to a 60" depth will meet even the most demanding air requirements. The pump can run in constant on mode or it can operate in a 10 second on and off cycle to extend battery life when running on internal battery power. Pump will automatically engage if a power outage is detected.* Comes with a three year warranty.

Notice: *Pump must be plugged in to a wall outlet to detect power outage. If pump is already running it will continue to run on battery power. If pump is off it will automatically turn on to prevent fish loss.

Customer Testimonials

Timothy Welty BROOMFIELD , CO
I bought two of these from LA to replace my old-school 2xD-Cell battery air pumps. Unfortunately, not only can I not make the Cobalt Aquatics Rescue Air DC Air Pump consistently work per the instructions with the provided additional USB power brick, sometimes they won't go into "fail-over only" mode at all. Worst of all, the face of the AC adapter (the part that plugs into the wall) separates easily from the body of the AC/USB adapter leaving two "hot" powered prongs sticking out of the outlet. This happened on both of the units I bought.
J Clean Houston , TX
I purchased one of these "just in case" after watching the LiveAquaria video last summer. After a 42-hour power outage from a freak winter storm, I'm convinced this is the best investment I ever made in aquarium equipment. The pump chugged along nicely the whole time. I used the USB battery to recharge it on the fly, just to be sure it didn't run down, and I had enough spare juice to charge my iPhone too. All indications are the 72-hour run time is real. It can comfortably run one large airstone or one sponge filter in a 55-gallon tank (I was concerned about depth, but no problem). After power came back, we had rolling blackouts for another day, and the unit kept running as the power came in and out, switching from plug to battery power. The 10-second pulse mode is handier than I thought when you're worried about stretching the run time. The battery indicator light lets you know how much charge you've got at any point. I had a second, cheaper pump that I had to recharge and check repeatedly, while this unit was a breeze. Really impressed and happy with the quality of this product.
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