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Marineland LED Aquarium Light
Marineland LED Aquarium Light
Marineland LED Aquarium Light
Additional sizes may be available!
Additional sizes may be available!

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*Versatile Marineland LED Aquarium light for all aquariums up to 30 inches long
*Enjoy energy savings and amazing shimmer aquarium light effects
*Place LED light bar over glass aquarium cover for spectacular shimmering light

Easily upgrade all aquariums up to 30" with energy-efficient LEDs for versatile day and night lighting. The Marineland LED Aquarium Light features long-lasting white and blue LEDs for amazing light effects in your aquarium. White daytime LEDs emit shimmering light that simulates natural sunlight dancing underwater while blue nighttime LEDs let you enjoy your aquarium at night without disturbing aquarium inhabitants. LED light highlights aquarium water movement to create shadows and shimmering light for a "high definition" aquarium viewing experience. This LED System works best in freshwater aquariums and as an accent in marine aquariums.

Marineland LED Aquarium Light features a three-mode ON/OFF switch (Daytime, Nighttime and OFF positions) so you can manually transition from daylight to nightlight conditions with ease. Included rubber feet minimize slippage when placed over a glass aquarium canopy. Single low-voltage power cord. The Marineland LED Aquarium Light measures 11" x 4" x 1" high.

# and
of LEDs
per LED
Total Watts
per Fixture
@ 12"
42 White/3 Blue 0.11 4.62 990 310

Important: Always unplug your LED Aquarium Light before inspecting or disassembling for any reason.

  • If the LED Light Bar won't turn on:
    • Make sure that the AC Adapter is plugged into an electrical source. Check to make sure that the AC Adaptor Jack is inserted fully into the plug on the LED Light Bar.
  • If the LED Light Bar falls into the water:
    • Unplug the low voltage AC Adaptor plug/power cord. Allow the LED Light Bar to dry out fully before trying to use the LED Aquarium Light again.

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