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Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor Replacement Foam Discs & O-Ring
Additional sizes may be available!


* Replacement foam discs and O-ring for PhosBan Reactor 150 & 550
* Ensure best reactor performance to maintain aquarium water quality
* Replace old or worn parts with genuine Two Little Fishies brand parts

Replace old or worn parts with genuine brand name replacement parts. Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor Replacement Foam Discs & O-Ring helps keep your PhosBan Reactor 150 and PhosBan Reactor 550 operating at peak performance to help maintain superior aquarium water quality.

Replacement Foam Disks (black reticulated foam sponges) for Reactor 150 and PhosBan Reactor 550 may also be used for dividing the column in a reactor to segregate different types of chemical filter media, such as activated carbon, PhosBan, or adsorption resins.

Replacement O-ring located inside the top of the PhosBan Reactor Lid ensure a secure, watertight seal

PhosBan Reactor Maintenance Instructions
About once per week open the ball valve for a few seconds and then return it to the normal operating position. This will stir up the media briefly and prevent caking or channeling. When changing the PhosBan, first shut off the pump that sends water to the reactor and close the ball valve. Place reactor inside a bucket to catch any spilled water when you open it. If the return hose is located in the aquarium or a sump above the level where you are servicing the reactor, make sure that the outlet is not located below the water line in the tank. If it is, lift the outlet hose so that it cannot siphon water from the aquarium or sump. Separate the lid from the reactor (the hoses may be left in place). Pour the water from the reactor into the bucket. Remove the top dispersion plate and sponge. Take the reactor column over a trash bin and spill out the PhosBan media. Rinse the reactor sponges with a strong jet of water. Never use soap or detergents of any kind. Reassemble the reactor per the instructions and follow the initial operation and adjustment procedure.

Replacement Parts & Accessories
The sponges will periodically need to be replaced.

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