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Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix
Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix
Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix
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* Revolutionary new synthetic sea salt for marine reef aquariums
* Contains bioactive substances to support aquarium water quality
* Works with protein skimmers to rid dissolved aquarium waste

Revolutionary synthetic sea salt boosts functionality with bioactive substances. Tropic Marin Bio-Actif Salt Mix takes an innovative approach for extraordinary results. Developed with special attention to waste breakdown and active control of water chemistry, Bio-Actif Salt Mix forms the foundation for marine aquarium success. Contains bioactive substances naturally in the sea to protect and promote growth of marine fish and corals. Bio-Actif Salt Mix works in conjunction with your protein skimmer to effectively export a greater amount of dissolved waste materials.

Bio-Actif Salt Mix fosters breakdown of pollutants to improve water clarity after every water change. Regular use maintains optimal water conditions, helps form effective protection of mucous membranes in fish and helps corals display brighter colors and better growth. Maintain biological balance and optimal water chemistry in new or existing saltwater marine aquariums. Ideal for establishing microorganism growth in new aquariums. Maintain optimum water quality by changing up to 15% of the water on a weekly basis. For marine and reef aquariums.

Tropic Marin has spent years researching what is required for optimum coral growth and the health of fish. Its discoveries have led to the development of new products. Combined with certain existing Tropic Marin products, they create a new approach to marine aquariums. Special importance has been given to the decomposition of nutrients by stimulating a healthy microbiological balance and controlling the water chemistry. As a result Bio-Actif provides a nurturing environment which is conducive to growth and is closer to natural conditions for fish and corals than found in any other aquarium system.

Bio-Actif advantages:

  • Rapid success in coral growth, even for beginners.
  • Advanced reef aquarists can grow even very challenging and delicate species which have always been regarded as impossible to keep.
  • Corals which once seemed incompatible because of their different demands in terms of care can be cared for together, with all species enjoying good growth and ideal conditions. Small polyp and large polyp stony corals can be kept together with leather corals, for example, without their combined care being detrimental to either group.
  • The low-nutrient environment also allows sponges and complex higher-order algae to grow without running wild, adding their own natural and authentic touch to the indoor reef.
  • Active control of the pH and carbonate hardness is conducive to the sustained growth of corals, calcareous red algae and other calcifying organisms.
  • Skimming action for the elimination of contaminants and suspended matter provides a permanent solution to cloudiness, allowing the reef aquarium to shine in full clarity in the most vibrant colors.

The revolutionary new synthetic sea salt which combines maximum purity in terms of its components with the protective and growth-promoting action of bioactive substances naturally found in the sea. They form effective protection for the mucous membranes of the fish whose improved health is clearly reflected in their increased levels of mating and reproduction. Corals respond by displaying even brighter and more vibrant colors. The extent to which both stony and leather corals enlarge and open their polyps is unprecedented.

Improved conditions seen in the corals include greater growth and stronger tissue. They build up reserves, which strengthens them and makes them less sensitive to unavoidable fluctuations in their surrounding conditions. At the same time Bio-Actif encourages the breakdown of pollutants in the water which is evident in the brilliant clarity of the water after every change. Regular use of Bio-Actif maintains optimized conditions at a consistent level over the long term.

It is never too early to add Tropic Marin Bio-Actif to the aquarium and, if added when the tank is filled for the first time, it will guarantee healthy microbiological development from the outset and the best possible preparation of the water before the aquarium is stocked with fish and corals. This effect is revived and prolonged each time the water is changed. Changing up to 15% of the water on a weekly basis will sustain the quality of the water at a level which is conducive to the well-being of fish, corals and other invertebrates.

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