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Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish, Captive-Bred ORA®
(Rudarius ercodes)
Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish, Captive-Bred ORA®
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Quick Stats

Care Level Moderate
Temperament Peaceful
Color Form Brown, White
Diet Omnivore
Reef Compatible With Caution
Water Conditions sg 1.020-1.025, 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4
Max. Size 3"
Origin Captive-Bred, ORA®
Family Monacanthidae
Minimum Tank Size 30 gallons
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Be the first to bring home the Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish, another exciting addition to ORA's list of Captive-Bred fish. Having grown in popularity over the past several years, this little fish is big on personality, intelligence, and charm. Reaching a maximum length of only 3", they have a unique swimming style, and even learn to recognize people when they walk by, and beg for food! Incredibly unique and entertaining, the Captive-Bred ORA Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish provides endless delight to the eco-conscious aquarist.

Found in waters around Japan and south to Taiwan, the Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish typically resides in temperate areas surrounded by macroalgeaes and sea grass beds. They have the ability to adjust their coloration and patterns depending on their surroundings. These little fish produce rather large nests, but the eggs and larvae are extremely small. Newly hatched prolarvae measure just 1.6mm. Despite their small size, Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish are hardy and fast growing. The broodstock for these fishes are maintained in tropical water temperatures and the offspring are reared at 74-80 degrees, so they are fully adjusted to the parameters of most home aquaria.

The Captive-Bred Filefish has a unique advantage over wild-harvested species. Captive-Bred Filefish are very hardy and more accustomed to conditions found in home aquariums. Therefore, it makes a great choice for novices and seasoned aquarists alike.

Whitespotted Pygmy Filefish readily accept a variety of foods, including frozen and pelleted diets. ORA maintains a small group of them in a tank with hard and soft corals and didn't observe any nipping, suggesting they fishes may be reef safe.

Approximate Purchase Size: 1" to 1.5"

Customer Testimonials

Leah Sanchez Cheektowaga , NY
I have a 14 gallon reef tank and was looking for some small fish that would live well together. The filefish is unique and is always out and swimming. Comes over any time I am near the tank. My favorite fish. I was hesitant to order online but could not find small fish in the aquarium stores. All of the fish I bought were very tiny, but they were all very healthy and are growing well. This filefish is reef safe. Hasn't bothered any of my corals at all. Tankmates bought with the filefish - black clown goby, 2 masked gobies, court jester goby and 2 sexy shrimp. Already had a peppermint shrimp, bumble bee snails and 1 turbo snail in the tank. All are peaceful, active and a pleasure to watch. Thank you Live Aquaria! Will not hesitate to buy from here again.
Lisa Garret Cary , NC
I love this fish. Very unique and ever changing coloration, very vivid eyes, and just a charmer. Fast grower when given proper nutrition & holds his own with the Toby Puffer & Hawkfish. Cant say enough good about this fish, be careful when first introducing to tank, make sure he has constant Nori algae sheets to graze on. He will be shy for first few weeks.
Eric C Fullerton , CA
I have had my Pygmy Filefish going on five months now. Glad to report in my mixed but dominant sps reef tank it has zero interest in picking at corals. Very interesting fish. My tank is very peaceful and this fish fits right in.
Linda Ross Port Jefferson Station , NY
These are such interesting characters. I have two from ora got them at the same time. Fun to watch how they kind of glide when swimming. They do not bother corals at all. Perfect tank mates. Cant believe they aren’t more popular. Great fish choice.
David Ekers Milwaukee , WI
Small peaceful fish that has a huge personality! Picks at the rocks all day, always on the lookout for something to eat, but no interest in my softies or LPS. Swims in the strongest flow without issue and sometimes hangs out with other fish. Changes color and patterns from time to time.
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