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Freshwater Fantasy Reef Aquarium for Kids:

Finding Dory-inspired fun for the whole family!

You've just returned from the theater, and your kids have fallen in love with Dory. But you know that Blue Tangs aren't for beginners. Here's an easy Freshwater Fantasy Reef Aquarium setup for kids starring a cast of hardy, eco-friendly fish to help your whole family discover the joys of home aquarium keeping.

Here's how you can create this Freshwater Fantasy Reef Aquarium in your home.

We've created this undersea effect by using artificial reef aquarium décor in a 29-gallon freshwater aquarium kit. The beginner fish we chose are farm-raised Platies, which come in a variety of colors. Plus they're livebearers, which means you can probably expect to see babies in your aquarium soon too! Here's the kit and décor you'll need to create a similar effect. Click the number to be directed to the product!

Marineland BIO-Wheel
LED Aquarium Kit, 29 Gallon Kit

Freshwater Fantasy Reef Aquarium

  1. CaribSea Instant Aquarium Freshwater Substrates, Crystal River

  2. Static Cling Backgrounds, Ocean

  3. Yup! Coral Décor Aquarium Decorations, Large Pink

  4. Yup! Coral Décor Aquarium Decorations, Large Orange

  5. Yup! Coral Rock Décor

  6. Yup! Planted Whimsy Orange Bacopa Plant, 8" & 15"

  7. Underwater Galleries Antiquities Series, Island Stonehead

  8. Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wands, White

  9. Aquatic Creations Red Acropora Aquarium Décor

  10. Aquatic Creations White Tipped Blue Acropora Aquarium Décor

  11. Tsunami Coral Reef Drop In Island Aquarium Decoration B1

Watch how to set up this aquarium!

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