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Diver's Den: Marine Fish
What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG): the EXACT item you are ordering, not a representative photo. Diver's Den® items are held, quarantined and shipped from our state-of-the-art Coral Farm & Aquatic Life Facility in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

All Diver's Den® items must be shipped within 2 shipping days of placing your order.

Shop the LiveAquaria® Diver's Den® WYSIWYG Store Marine Fish Category for one-of-a-kind marine fish you are unlikely to see at most local fish stores. This collection of beautiful marine fish offers a choice selection for discerning saltwater aquarium hobbyists.

The Diver's Den® WYSIWYG Store Marine Fish Category is where you’ll find a wonderful assortment of "hard-to-find" specimens that make very infrequent appearances in the aquarium industry as well as notable saltwater aquarium fish demonstrating exceptional coloration or form.

Elevate your marine aquarium hobby with showcase specimen when you shop Diver's Den® WYSIWYG Store saltwater and marine aquarium fish specially selected and conditioned in our LiveAquaria® Coral Farm and Aquatic Life Facility!

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Minimum Aquarium Size
Care Level
New Product Bella Goby (Bonded Pair) (click for more detail) Bella Goby (Bonded Pair)
(Valencienna bella)
New Product Acares Midget Reef Chromis (click for more detail) Acares Midget Reef Chromis
(Chromis acares)
New Product Bigtooth Cardinalfish (click for more detail) Bigtooth Cardinalfish
(Apogon affinis)
New Product Tahitian Butterflyfish  (click for more detail) Tahitian Butterflyfish
(Chaetodon trichrous)
Was: $89.99
Now: $59.99
New Product French Angelfish Transitioning (click for more detail) French Angelfish Transitioning
(Pomacanthus paru)
New Product Tomini Bristletooth Tang (click for more detail) Tomini Bristletooth Tang
(Ctenochaetus tominiensis)
New Product French Angelfish Juvenile (click for more detail) French Angelfish Juvenile
(Pomacanthus paru)
New Product Bicolor Goatfish (click for more detail) Bicolor Goatfish
(Parupeneus barberinoides)
New Product Emperor Angelfish Juvenile (click for more detail) Emperor Angelfish Juvenile
(Pomacanthus imperator)
New Product Mimic Cleaner Blenny (click for more detail) Mimic Cleaner Blenny
(Plagiotremus rhinorhynchos)
New Product Gem Tang (click for more detail) Gem Tang
(Zebrasoma gemmatum)
Was: $899.99
Now: $799.99
New Product Gem Tang (click for more detail) Gem Tang
(Zebrasoma gemmatum)
Was: $899.99
Now: $799.99
New Product White Tail Bristletooth Tang Adult (click for more detail) White Tail Bristletooth Tang Adult
(Ctenochaetus flavicauda)
New Product Fourspot Butterflyfish [Expert Only] (click for more detail) Fourspot Butterflyfish [Expert Only]
(Chaetodon quadrimaculatus)
New Product Achilles Tang Adult [Expert Only] (click for more detail) Achilles Tang Adult [Expert Only]
(Acanthurus achilles)
Was: $399.99
Now: $349.99
New Product Two Spot Bimaculatus Blenny (click for more detail) Two Spot Bimaculatus Blenny
(Ecsenius bimaculatus)
New Product Coral Beauty Angelfish (click for more detail) Coral Beauty Angelfish
(Centropyge bispinosa)
Regal Angelfish  (click for more detail) Regal Angelfish
(Pygoplites diacanthus)
Four Line Wrasse (click for more detail) Four Line Wrasse
(Pseudocheilinus tetrataenia)
149 results
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