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ORA Super Specials
The size of these fish varies, but most members reach an average length of seven inches in captivity. Scorpions are hardy fish that adapt well to life in captivity. They usually prefer live foods, but some species convert to frozen foods quickly especially when young. Provide these fish with ample hiding places and an appropriately sized aquarium for the species.
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Color Form
Leaf Fish Leaf Fish
(Taenianotus triacanthus)
Starting at $44.99
Madagascar Spotted Croucher Goby Madagascar Spotted Croucher Goby
(Caracanthus madagascariensis)
Starting at $89.99
Orangebanded Stingfish Orangebanded Stingfish
(Choridactylus multibarbus)
Starting at $99.99
Pygmy Coral Croucher Goby Pygmy Coral Croucher Goby
(Caracanthus unipinna)
Starting at $44.99