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Most Eels reach a size between 24 to 36 inches. Eels feed mostly on fish and crustaceans, and most species adjust well to life in captivity and are very hardy inhabitants. A larger aquarium with adequate hiding places and a well-sealed lid is essential for maintaining Eels.
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Jeweled Moray Eel Jeweled Moray Eel
(Muraena lentiginosa)
Starting at $164.99
Tessalata Eel Tessalata Eel
(Gymnothorax favagineus)
Starting at $249.99
Wolf Eel Wolf Eel
(Congrogadus subducens)
Starting at $69.99
Zebra Moray Eel Zebra Moray Eel
(Gymnomuraena zebra)
Starting at $154.99
Hawaiian Dragon Eel Japanese Dragon Eel
(Enchelycore pardalis)
Starting at $1,399.99
Snowflake Eel Snowflake Eel
(Echidna nebulosa)
Starting at $69.99
Golden Dwarf Moray Eel Golden Dwarf Moray Eel
(Gymnothorax melatemus cf.)
Starting at $449.99
Golden Moray Eel Golden Banana Moray Eel
(Gymnothorax miliaris)
Starting at $699.99
Yellow-Edged Eel Yellow-Edged Eel
(Gymnothorax flavimarginatus)
Starting at $169.99
Garden Eel Garden Eel
(Taenioconger hassi [Expert Only])
Starting at $39.99
Tessalata Eel Tessalata Eel
(Gymnothorax favagineus)
Starting at $279.99