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Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus filamentosus)
Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse
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SW - Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse, Juvenile/Female (Indonesia) - Medium
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SW - Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse, Male (Indonesia) - Large
CN-37388, $ 49.99
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Water Conditions: 72-78° F, dKH 8-12, pH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.020-1.025
Color Form: Blue, Red, Tan, White, Yellow
Diet: Carnivore
Origin: Indonesia
Family: Labridae

The Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse, originates from the waters of the Indian Ocean. Theis species is a very distinctive wrasse with its long dorsal fin that may exceed the length of the fish. The main body of this wrasse is a brilliant red color while the lower half of the body is white. The dorsal fin is brightly colored yellow and is outlined in blue. The male during courting will display its brilliantly colored fins in an attempt to persuade its mate. Colors may vary depending on the fish's mood.

The Whip Fin Wrasse is a peaceful, active fish that will bring both color and activity to a fish-only or reef aquarium of 50 gallons or larger. When maintained with other Cirrhilabrus or Paracheilinus wrasse, they can become territorial, and dominate similar species. Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse will not harm any corals or invertebrates making them a perfect fish for the reef aquarium. These wrasses like to jump, so a tight fitting canopy is recommended.

The Whip Fin Fairy Wrasse diet should include vitamin enriched frozen mysis shrimp, vitamin enriched frozen brine shrimp, and other meaty foods along with a high quality marine flake and marine pellet food.

Approximate Purchase Size: Medium 1 3/4" to 2 3/4" Large 2 3/4" to 3 1/2"