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AquaIllumination Prime 16HD Reef LED Light Fixture

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* 60W compact LED aquarium light fixture with 16 (+1) LEDs in 7 (+1) different colors
* Next generation Prime™ LED light fixture boasts improved performance + dedicated moonlight channel
* Full spectrum light supports vibrant coral growth AND beautifully illuminates your aquarium

More Color. More Spread. More Power and More Refined.

Next generation AquaIllumination Prime™ LED light fixture delivers improved performance without sacrificing anything that made AI LED light fixtures great! The newly engineered Prime 16HD Reef LED Light Fixture incorporates MORE LEDs resulting in a more targeted, full-spectrum output for greater PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) and PUR (Photosynthetically Useful Radiation). Redesigned plastics boost LED efficiency and thinner-profile housing enhances fixture aesthetics. Improved water resistant design and dedicated moonlight LED and channel ensure reliable performance day or night!

Hyper-drive (HD) capabilities and wireless Wi-Fi control allows you to bring more power and color where you want it, plus the freedom to use your smartphone or computer as a controller! With the AquaIllumination HD function, you are no longer limited to using a fixed amount of power per channel. The HD dynamically adjusts power available to each color, borrowing power from the colors that you are not utilizing. Produce limitless spectral combinations to suit you aquarium's exact lighting needs. Built-in Wi-Fi control allows you to use your iOS, Android or internet-connected device to control the Hydra HD, anywhere in the world!

The Prime 16HD Reef LED Light Fixture comes standard with 80-degree lenses giving you the best balance of power and spread. Lens optics are custom designed, boasting greater than 90% optical efficiency and including a diffuse exit surface to provide improved color blending.

The Prime 16HD Reef LED Light Fixture is perfect for use with small reef aquariums. Use multiple LED light fixtures to beautifully illuminate medium size aquariums.

Please select Black or White housing.

LED specifications
4 - Cree XP-G2 Cool White (> 70 CRI)
4- Cree XT-E Royal Blue
4- Cree XP-E2 Blue
1 - Cree Photo Red 660nm
1 - Cree XP-E2 Green
1 - SemiLED 415nm
1 - SemiLED 400nm
1 - Moonlight

Technical Specifications
Length: 4.88"
Width: 4.88"
Height: 1.3"

Power Specifications
Power Consumption: 60W from wall
Universal Input Range: 100 to 240VAC/50-60Hz
Cable Length: 10ft. (3.048m)
PSU Regulatory Compliance: UL, CE & RoHS

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