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Pondovac 3
Pondovac 3
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* Dual chamber pond vacuum for non-stop extraction of pond debris
* Continuous flow design for convenient removal of pond sludge, debris, and algae
* Portable pond vaccum with rugged wheels simplifies pond maintenance
* Interchangeable nozzles are designed to tackle various pond jobs

OASE Living Water Maintaining a clean pond is now faster and more convenient than ever. OASE Pondovac 3 pond vacuum features twin collection containers that fill and drain in rotation for seamless, time saving operation. Portable design with rugged wheels and ergonomic handle make the Pondovac 3 great for larger ponds. Four different nozzle attachments allow you to remove water, string algae, or vacuum debris and sludge between stones and plants with ease. Removes particles up to 3/8". Integrated check valve prevents sludge from returning to pond. 1,600W. 6.9 ft maximum suction depth. 2-year warranty.

Includes: 16 ft intake hose with five rigid extension tubes, 8 ft discharge hose, 13 ft power cord, 4 nozzle attachments (adjustable floor nozzle, crevice tool, wide nozzle, & string algae nozzle), clear vacuum extension tube, discharge net, and a convenient rack to store and organize accessories.

Safety and Operating Instructions
Oase products have been developed through extensive research and are known world wide for their high quality construction, energy efficiency, and environmental safety features.

Operational Range


  • Outdoor Use
  • For use with Garden ponds (not for use in highly chlorinated water. I.E swimming pools or spas)
  • This product is not intended for use by children without proper adult supervision
  • Keep out of reach of children

Delivery Content:

  • Collection container with motor housing and 13 ft cable
  • 8 ft discharge hose with integrated and patented check valve an sealing plug
  • 16 ft suction hose with handle, hose end piece, 5 extension tubes
  • Adjustable floor nozzle, joint nozzle, floor nozzle with rubber lip including adapter and thread algae nozzle
  • Dirt and sludge collection bag
  • Operating instructions

Intended Use:
The Pondovac 3 is a new generation pond cleaner for regular removal of pond dirt and debris. This product may not be operated unattended. The Pondovac 3 may also be operated as a wet vacuum for household applications.

This device has been developed with special consideration to mechanical and electrical safety standards. Nevertheless, the following instructions must be complied with to use the device safely.

  • Prior to putting into operations, ensure compliance with all electrical codes and safety regulations.
  • The Pondovac 3 is designed to only be used with water.
  • For safety reasons, the minimum distance the vacuum should be to the edge of the pond is 7 ft.
  • The device may only be used for suctioning deposits on the pond floor or sidewalls or can be used as a wet vacuum.
  • This device has been designed for private use only.
  • Never use this vacuum for flammable or toxic liquids like gasoline, copy machine toner or other volatile substances.
  • Never vacuum acids.
  • Never use in the presence of explosive liquids or fumes. The device is not explosion protected.
  • Never vacuum asbestos or asbestos dust.
  • Never vacuum hot or smoldering ashes, smoldering cigarette butts, or similar objects.
  • Never vacuum dry dust, dirt, sand or similar debris. This vacuum is designed to be used with "wet" applications only.
  • Never make technical changes to the device. Warranty will be void if device is tampered with.
  • Only use original OASE replacement parts and OASE accessories for the Pondovac 3.
  • Do not operate device in the rain or leave it standing in the rain.
  • This unit is not designed to be submersible.

Do's and Don'ts

  • DO disconnect the plug from the electrical receptacle before moving or cleaning the vacuum.
  • DO disconnect the plug from the electrical receptacle before entering the water.
  • DO have all electrical outlets installed and serviced by a certified and licensed electrician.
  • DO disconnect the vacuum from the electrical outlet at the first sign of any problem.
  • DO be sure the vacuum is standing in an uptight position, motor on top.
  • DO NOT use the vacuum when there are people in the water.
  • DO NOT cut the cord or remove thee plug from the cord.
  • DO NOT remove the grounding pin from the plug.
  • DO NOT carry or pull the vacuum by the electrical cord.
  • DO NOT attempt to open the motor enclosure.
  • DO NOT remove any labels from the vacuum or electrical cord.
  • DO NOT pinch, twist or damage the electrical cord. A minor cut, even only in the outer shell could allow water to reach the motor enclosure and damage the motor.
  • DO NOT use with damaged cord or plug.
  • DO NOT use this unit to vacuum flammable or combustible liquids or use in areas where they may be present.

Installation The wheels are not fitted and have to be inserted into the housing. Remove accessories possibly stowed in the reservoir. Unlock the container locking system and remove motor housing. Remove all parts from the collection container, refit and lock the motor housing. Connect the suction hose to the intake distributor. Fit the extension tubes and slide on the supplied nozzle.

To facilitate transport, the transport brace can be changed by loosening the hand screw. The brace can then be hinged down for storage.

Install the Pondovac 3 at water level and at a minimum distance of 2 meters from the pond's edge. Make sure the unit stands safely.

Start Up
Connect the unit to the power supply. The unit is equipped with 2-position main switch.

Position I: Automatic Mode. Continuous vacuum cleaning and discharge.
Position O: The unit is switched OFF.

Use as sludge remover
Attention: Never operate the unit without foam filter or float switch.
Insert the drain hose in the rear outlet opening of the collection container. The unit automatically switches to vacuum cleaning and discharge. Vacuum cleaning is continuous. The unit discharges continuously through the outlet. Make sure the hose is laying flat and the drain hose is placed on a slight decline to allow gravity to help with drainage. Avoid kinks, bends, and uneven ground to ensure sludge water can drain freely. Dispose of the sludge in accordance to local regulations. At end of work, switch the unit OFF at the main switch.

Use as a Wet Vacuum Cleaner
Attention: Never vacuum dust or dirt. The filter is only suitable for fluids.
Replace the drain hose and cover the outlet drain with the enclosed closing plug.

Maintenance and Cleaning
Switch the unit OFF with the main switch and pull the power plug. Remove all hoses and the motor housing. Turn the inlet distributor out of the bayonet closure and if required, remove the inner reservoir (collection container) from the holder. Thoroughly rinse the collection container to remove all dirt particles. This also applies to the inlet distributor and the outlet valve.

Remove the foam filter by unbolting the engagement plates and washout with clean water. Check the foam filter and replace with original OASE foam filter. Check sealing rings for damage and completeness. If necessary, change the rubber seals in the inlet distributor and in the drain valve.

Empty out the collection container and clean the unit. Store in a dry, frost protected room inaccessible to children.

Troubleshooting Chart

Problem Cause Remedy
The unit does not perform its suction function.
  • Excessive height difference between water levels and unit.
  • Flaps at the inlet distributor are jammed/soiled.
  • The outlet flap is jammed/soiled.
  • O-Ring at the inner tank not properly seated.
  • O-Ring at the valve unit not properly seated.
  • O-Ring at the inlet distributor not properly seated.
  • Both containers are full of water and completely sealed by the floats.
  • Dirt has accumulated in the foam filter, in the suction tube, or in the suction hose.
  • Place the unit at a height identical to the water level.
  • Remove the inlet distributor and check the flap seating.
  • Remove the drain hose and check the flap seating.
  • Check the O-Ring seating.
  • Check the O-Ring seating.
  • Check the O-Ring seating.
  • Switch OFF and drain the unit.
  • Clean unit to remove dirt.
The container does not empty.
  • Drain openings or the drain hose are plugged.
  • The drain hose is kinked or was not laid with a gravity drainage.
  • Remove dirt from the drain openings and the drain hose.
  • Lay the hose flat, without kinks and if possible on a slight decline to allow gravity to help with drainage.
Low suction capacity.
  • Suction capacity reduces as more extension tubes are used.
  • Lower suction due to height difference between water level and the vacuum.
  • Reduce number of extension tubes to increase suction.
  • Remove the non-return valve at the nozzle. OR Place unit near or at water level to decrease height difference.
Formation of vapor during operation.
  • Water drops sucked through the turbine. Heated, humid air condenses when leaving the turbine housing.
  • This is normal, especially at low temperatures.
The unit works erratically.
  • Drain area is dirty.
  • Check drain area for soiling. Clean as necessary.
Switch over problems between the containers.
  • The valve unit is not functioning correctly.
  • Leaks at the O-Ring sealed points.
  • Make sure the valve plate move smoothly and nothing is obstructing movement.
  • Check O-Rings and make it is seated properly.

About Oase
Passionate About Water
Founded originally in 1948 as a repair shop for agricultural machines, OASE has become the global leader of the creative water industry. OASE has built a reputation of excellence by creating the most beautiful and durable products in the market. Their unmatched knowledge and expertise has built high quality products that redefine the needs of the water gardening and lake management markets.

From mechanical/electric engineering to water biology and more, OASE's specialists cover all types of water technology. OASE proudly invests a lot of time and energy into research and development to continue engineering high-quality products. Their variety of products, from the START line for beginners to their PRO line for advanced enthusiasts, all include the German technology and innovation OASE has built their strong reputation on.

With decades in the industry, OASE has witnessed the grace and elegance water beckons in any environment. This is why OASE feels an obligation to preserve water's charm. They designed products with an eco-conscious focus that prioritizes the preservation of water's beauty. They strive to enhance water's natural flowing beauty, or as OASE says, LIVING water. Living water is what OASE believes in and what they have the honor of sharing with you.

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