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WaterGarden Outfitters Pond Vacuum XPV by Drs. Foster & Smith
WaterGarden Outfitters Pond Vacuum XPV by Drs. Foster & Smith
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* Compact pond vacuum great for preformed ponds, water gardens, and water features
* Vacuum pond sludge, debris, and unsightly algae to prevent buildup and boost overall filtration efficiency
* Convenient fill-and-drain feature automatically shuts off & drains full vacuum basin and turns it back on

Showcase a picture-perfect water garden. Compact pond vacuum ideal for "touchups" and routine pond maintenance. Great for preformed ponds. Removes sludge, debris, unsightly algae, and prevents accumulation of waste materials, allowing your filtration system to work more efficiently. Auto fill-and-drain feature senses when vacuum basin is full and automatically shuts off, drains, and turns back on. Unidirectional check valve prevents sludge from returning to pond. Removes particles up to 3/8". 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Includes: 13 ft intake hose, 76" 4-pc rigid extension (one transparent/clear extension to monitor operation), 6-1/2 ft discharge hose, 13 ft cable, 3 nozzle attachments, filter bag, and discharge net. 7-gallon capacity.

Intended Use
The WaterGarden Outfitters Pond Vacuum XPV (External Pond Vacuum), as termed in the following text, is a sludge suction unit for the removal of pond sludge. This unit is intended for use under proper supervision by qualified persons, as stated in Safety Information section, below. Never allow the unit to operate unattended. The unit can also be used as a dry vacuum cleaner.

Note: Personal injuries can result from this unit if it is not used in accordance with its intended use and in the event of misuse. Warranty and operating permit will become null and void if used for purposes other than its stated intended use.

PfG (Pontec manufacturer) has manufactured this unit in accordance with current state-of-the-art standards and valid safety regulations. However, despite the above, injuries to persons and assets can result from this unit if it is used in an improper manner, or not in accordance with its intended use, or if the safety information is ignored.

  • For safety reasons, children under 16 years of age as well as persons who cannot recognize possible danger or who are not familiar with these operating instructions are not permitted to use the unit.
  • Please keep these operating instructions in a safe place. Also, hand over the operating instructions when passing the unit onto a new owner.
  • Ensure that maintenance and cleaning work on this unit is carried out in strict accordance with these instructions.
  • The combination of water and electricity can lead to serious injuries if the unit is incorrectly connected or misused. Operate the unit only if no persons are in the water. Always disconnect the power supply to all electrical equipment used in the water before reaching into the water.
  • Compare the electrical values of the power supply with those on the type plate on the packaging or on the unit itself. Make sure the unit is fused for a rated residual current of 30 mA (max.) via a residual current-operating system. Only operate the unit if it is plugged into a properly fitted socket.
  • Keep the power plug and all connection points dry. Do not operate or leave the unit in the rain.
  • To avoid damage, protect the connection cable when burying. Only use cables approved for outdoor use. Do not carry or pull the unit by the connection cable. Never operate the unit if the cable or housing is defective. Electrical installations at garden ponds must meet valid national and international regulations for installers.
  • Never open the unit housing or its attendant components, unless this is explicitly mentioned in the operating instructions. Never carry out technical changes to the unit. Only use original spare parts and accessories for the unit. Only allow authorized customer service outlets to perform repairs.
  • Never use the unit to vacuum flammable or toxic substances (e.g., benzene, asbestos, asbestos dust, toner for copying machines) or volatile substances, acids, hot or burning ashes, dust, sand or similar dirt. Never use the unit in the vicinity of explosive fluids or vapors.
  • The unit is not explosion protected. For your own safety, consult a qualified electrician when you have questions or encounter problems.

Place the unit at water level at a minimum distance of 2 m (6.5 ft) from the pond. Make sure the unit stands safely and is stable.

Step 1 – Unlock the Container Locking System, remove Motor Housing.

Step 2 – Remove all additional parts from the Collection Container.

Step 3 – Refit and lock Motor Housing.

Step 4 – Push the end of the Intake Hose into the Inlet Opening of the Collection Container. Attach Extension Tubes as needed. Fit one of the supplied Nozzles or set the Adjustable Bottom Nozzle to the situation your pond presents:
– Nozzle fully open (10 mm): Pond liner with no gravel on the bottom and a thick layer of sludge.
– Nozzle closed (2 mm): Pond liner with gravel on the bottom and a thick layer of sludge.

Step 5 – Push the open end of the Drain Hose into the rear Drain Opening of the Collection Container. If possible, lay the Drain Hose flat to allow gravity to assist draining of the sludge water during automatic emptying. If necessary, affix the Sludge Collection Bag to the end of the Drain Hose.

Use as Sludge Remover
Attention: Never operate the unit without foam filter.

  • Connect the assembled unit to the power supply and press Switch to the "ON" position. Place the Adjustable Bottom Nozzle at the bottom of the pond.
  • Remove sludge by moving the Nozzle in a slow and uniform fashion. For optimum sludge removal or to remove thin layers of sludge, turn the Adjustable Bottom Nozzle 180°, so the blue side is facing down.
  • An internal Float Switch automatically switches off the suction operation when the container has reached its maximum filling level. The Stop Valve at the Drain Opening can now open to drain the sludge water out of the Collection Container. The suction operation restarts automatically after 25 seconds.
  • Switch the unit off with switch when no longer in use.

Use as a Dry Vacuum Cleaner
Attention: Only use the unit as a dry vacuum cleaner with the enclosed filter bag.

Make sure the unit stands safely and is stable. Turn the unit off and remove the cord from the power source.

  • Unlock the Container Locking System and remove Motor Housing.
  • Securely place the enclosed Filter Bag over the Suction Socket inside the Collection Container.
  • Refit and lock Motor Housing.
  • Connect the unit to the power supply and turn on with the Switch.
  • Select a suitable Nozzle. At end of work, turn unit off using the Switch.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Turn the unit off and remove the cord from the power source.
  • Remove all Hoses and the Motor Housing.
  • Thoroughly rinse the Collection Container.
  • Remove the Foam Filter and clean it with clear water.
  • Check the Foam Filter and, if damaged, replace it with an authentic PfG foam filter.
  • Check Sealing Rings for damage and completeness. If necessary, change the rubber seal in the Drain Valve. Only use authentic PfG Filter Bags.

Empty out the Collection Container and thoroughly clean the unit. Store in a dry, frost protected room, inaccessible to children.

Dispose of the unit in accordance with the national legal regulations.

Problem Cause Remedy
The unit does not perform its suction function. Drain Hose incorrectly fitted. Be sure the unidirectional check valve is located at the free end of the Drain Hose.
Excessive height difference between water level and unit. Place the unit at a height identical to the water level.
The unit does not reach its full capacity. Dirt has accumulated in the foam filter, in the suction tube, or in the suction hose. Remove dirt.
Dirt has accumulated in the area of the unidirectional check valve at the Drain Hose, preventing it from properly closing. Remove dirt.
The collection container does not drain. The collection container is unable to drain. Lay the drain hose, making sure there are no kinks. Provide a slight incline for the drain hose to allow gravity to help with drainage.
Collection container and drain hose are soiled. Remove dirt.
Low suction capacity. Reduced suction due to resistance, i.e. steep angle of intake tube or too many extension tubes are used. Position the intake tube as flat as possible or reduce the number of extensions to improve suction.

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