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Fish Mate Pond/Fountain Pumps
Fish Mate Pond/Fountain Pumps
Product Notes:
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* Versatile, multipurpose pumps power water fountains, waterfalls, and pond filtration systems
* Energy-efficient performance enables reliable solids-handling and very low operating costs
* Superior rotor design and durable ceramic shaft bearings ensure years of trouble-free operation

Versatile multipurpose water pumps great for water fountains or driving pond filtration systems. Quality construction features superior rotor design and durable ceramic shaft bearings for years of trouble-free operation. Easy-to-clean, removable filter cage is less prone to blockage for reliable performance and convenient maintenance. Fish Mate submersible, solids-handling pond pumps feature a 2-way outlet with flow adjuster to control flow rate to suit your particular water fountain, waterfall or pond filtration needs. Barbed tubing connector allows convenient installation. All electrical parts are fully encapsulated.

All pump models through Model 1900 include a fountain head set that creates four different water fountain patterns (tiered blossom, column, bell, and plume). Power cord: Models 1000-1900: 24 ft.

Model max GPH max HEAD Outlet Watts
Mfg# 378
1,850 14 ft 9" 0.75", 1", 1.25" 70

For optimum results, locate the pump at the opposite end of the pond to the filter return. The pump comes standard with pond-life friendly slots to help protect spawning life.

For your convenience, the pump should be positioned within reach from the side of the pond on a solid platform (e.g. paving slabs) approximately 12" below the pond surface. The pump should be at least 8" below water level to avoid problems of low water levels in summer. If desired, the Base Plate may be screwed down for extra stability. Avoid positioning the pump at the bottom of the pond where pond debris will accumulate and maintenance will be difficult.


Disconnect electrical supply from pump before removing from pond or contacting pond water. Do not carry or pull the pump by the cable.

When flow from your pump is noticeably reduced or fountain display has deteriorated:
  1. Remove Strainer Cover and clean with a brush and hose. Remove any weed or blockage on Impeller Cover.
  2. If you are using a fountain, remove and clean fountain head in water with a brush.
  3. Reassemble. If the flow is still poor, check to see if outlet tubing has become kinked or blocked.

Once a year or if flow has stopped (check power supply first):

Disconnect electrical supply from pump before removing from pond or contacting pond water. Do not carry or pull the pump by the cable.

Disassemble pump to component parts. Wash all parts in clean water and reassemble the pump. The recommended disassembly procedure is as follows:
  1. Disconnect all items fitted to pump Outlet.
  2. Remove Strainer Cover and lift Pump Body from Base Plate.
  3. Remove Impeller Cover by rotating counterclockwise, and then remove Front Bearing and Rubber Mount by hand or careful use of pliers.
  4. Carefully pull out Pump Impeller and Magnetic Rotor.
  5. Remove Rear Bearing and Mounting Bush by pushing firmly from behind with a flat-faced tool.
  6. After cleaning all components: Check for wear of Bearings at either end of Rotor. Check for wear of keyway on Rotor or inside of Impeller. Check that one-way Arm moves freely. If not, carefully pull it out using a pair of tapered pliers and clean. Check cord and body of pump for any damage or deterioration and discard pump if suspected faulty.
  7. Reassemble all parts in reverse order. Place Rear Bearing and plastic mount onto Magnetic Rotor before pushing firmly back into position. Whenever the Impeller Cover is replaced, make sure the Front Bearing and Rubber Mount are pushed squarely and firmly into position.

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