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NYOS® Instant Plankton Microfood
NYOS® Instant Plankton Microfood

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* Plankton microfeed clusters for corals, invertebrates, and marine ornamental fish
* State-of-the-art phytoplankton substitute simplifies feeding of corals & filter feeders
* Stays suspended in the water column longer to extend feeding opportunities for corals

NYOS® INSTANT PLANKTON is a highly developed, clustered plankton microfeed for corals, invertebrates, and marine ornamental fish (particle size: 5-20 micron).

In a special process, individual feed particles are combined with tiny air bubbles to realize this state-of-the-art phytoplankton substitute. Because of these air bubbles, the feed clusters float for many hours in the water column. This ensures maximum availability for corals and filter-feeders.

Instant Plankton is ideal for corals and invertebrates that take feed actively (such as azoox corals, LPS, ricordeas, zoanthus), and many delicate fish that eat microbes (e.g. pipefish or dragonets). Regular use promotes the formation of zooplankton. The formula is also enriched with numerous vitamins and supplements to support the health of your reef ecosystem.

The round, raspberry-like shape of these feed clusters promotes the absorption for corals and filter-feeders.

Feeding Directions: Add 1-3 dosage spoonfuls per 25 gallons per day to a high flow area of the tank to broadcast feed. It is recommended to turn off your return pump before adding Nyos Instant Plankton to your aquarium.

Ingredients: Marine proteins, marine oils, algae extracts, phospholipids, minerals, vitamin pre-mixture, antioxidants.

Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein - 54.2% min
  • Crude Fat - 14.8% min
  • Crude Fiber - 1.3% max
  • Crude Ash - 20.8% max

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