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* Replacement filter media for the 3-stage Fluval LED Edge powerfilter
* Prepackaged mechanical, chemical, & biological filter media allows quick maintenance
* Replace filter media per recommendation to ensure superior aquarium water quality

Fluval Edge Replacement Carbon
This premium grade carbon possesses superior adsorption qualities to eliminate toxic impurities, odors and discolorations. For a healthy and clean environment, replace carbon sachet regularly (every two to four weeks).

Remove protective plastic bag and rinse the carbon sachet thoroughly before use. Place carbon sachet in middle section of filter insert basket. To maintain water quality, it is important to replace carbon sachet every two to four weeks. To ensure a continuous presence of beneficial bacteria, never replace carbon sachet at the same time as the foam or BIOMAX insert.

Fluval Edge Pre-filter Sponge
Pre-filter Sponge measures 1" diameter x 2-3/4".


  • Connects to power filter intake
  • Traps fine debris
  • Prevents small or baby inhabitants from being drawn into the filter.
Fluval Edge Foam & BIOMAX Renewal Kit
Fluval Edge Foam & BIOMAX Renewal Kit includes one Foam Filter Insert and one BIOMAX Filter insert.

Foam Filter Insert
Traps particles and debris from the aquarium for a healthy and clean environment.

Rinse Foam Filter Insert thoroughly before use and insert it into the bottom section of the filter insert basket. The Foam Filter Insert should be rinsed monthly using water from the aquarium and replaced every two to three months.

BIOMAX Filter Insert
Provides optimal colonization of beneficial bacteria and enhances the reduction of fish waste, resulting in a healthier aquarium environment.

Remove protective plastic bag and rinse BIOMAX thoroughly before use. Place BIOMAX in the top sections of the filter insert basket. BIOMAX pores become clogged over time and should be replaced every two to three months.

Note: To ensure constant presence of beneficial bacteria, never replace both Foam Filter Insert and BIOMAX Filter Insert at the same time.

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