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Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Cables


* Connection cables for Neptune Systems Apex controlled aquariums
* Expand or upgrade your Apex system for advanced aquarium control
* Enjoy custom control of LED lighting or Tunze Controllable Stream Pump

Unlock the full potential of your Neptune Systems AquaController Apex system with simple-to-install connection cables. Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Cables allows you to realize custom installation to suit your aquarium needs. Use Neptune Systems AquaController Apex System Cables with your existing Apex Jr Kit, or Apex Kit to automate more aquarium functions.

AquaBus Extension Cable - (ABUS15EXT)
Use this cable to extend easily the length of your existing AquaBus cable to ensure proper reach and connection of Apex Modules and Accessories. 15 ft AquaBus Extension Cable has a Female connector on one end and a Male connector on the other.

Note: Although the AquaBus Extension Cable is a USB type cable, the Apex does not have a USB interface. NEVER plug it into any computer or other USB device or it will very likely cause severe damage to your Apex or the device you connect.

Apex LED Light Dimming Cable - (DIMCAB2)
Use this six foot cable to connect two channels of 0-10V dimmable LED lights to your Apex System or Advanced LED Dimming Module - VDM. Apex LED Light Dimming Cable has a RJ45 plug on one end and bare wires on the other that must be connected in the manner recommended by your LED manufacturer.

Note: If you have four colors of LED that you want to dim, then you will need two Apex LED Light Dimming Cables.

Apex to Stream Cable - (SURFCAB2)
Use this three foot cable to connect Tunze Controllable Stream pumps to you Apex system. Two-channel Apex to Stream Cable has one (1) RJ45 connector, which plugs into the Apex base unit and two (2) Din5 connectors which plug into 2 Tunze Controllable Stream pumps.

All Apex modules connect to the system through the AquaBus. Once connected, they are automatically detected and added to the system configuration. To connect a new Apex Module to the system, plug one end of the AquaBus cable into an available AquaBus port on the system, and the other end into the new Apex Module. Power and communication signals are passed through the AquaBus to the new Apex Module. The order modules are connected is not important and the AquaBus is plug and play meaning you do not need to power down the system to connect a new module. The entire length of the AquaBus should be kept to a maximum of 200 feet.

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