LiveAquaria Approved Aquatic Supplies: Hagen Marina Naturals Rock Outcrop
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Hagen Marina Naturals Rock Outcrop
Hagen Marina Naturals Rock Outcrop
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* High-quality resin replica for a realistic aquarium landscape
* Nature-inspired rock outcrop adds structure to aquarium designe
* Artificial rock outcrop will not alter aquarium water chemistry

Design rocky aquarium environments without added weight or pH-altering minerals. Real rock can pose limitations such as excess weight and potential leaching of minerals that may alter aquarium water chemistry. Resin Rock Outcrop offers a lightweight and convenient choice for creative aquarium landscape design. Exceptional shape and texture plus faux finish make it difficult to distinguish it from real rock. Use multiple pieces of different sizes to create an amazing cichlid aquarium display or consider a Nature Aquarium-inspired "Iwagumi" (rock grouping) design.

XLarge 7" x 5" x 12-1/2" high

Benefits of Artificial Aquarium Decorations
Aquascaping with artificial décor such as realistic rock replicas and artificial driftwood has many added benefits. They are durable and won't degrade or break over time. Plus, you'll never have to worry about these decorations releasing pH-altering minerals, or introducing unwanted living organisms into aquarium water. Artificial aquarium décor provides aquarium inhabitants with secure hiding spots, instant interest and are available in assorted sizes, styles, and colors to match any budget and preference.

  • Immediate aquarium enhancement - simply rinse and place in the desired location.
  • Very little maintenance - just clean decorations with a soft brush when needed.
  • Durable décor is not affected by water current, lighting, or the aggressiveness of your aquarium inhabitants.
  • Will not affect water chemistry or water clarity like real wood.
  • Great for anchoring plants or providing shelter for aquarium inhabitants.

Directions: Rinse each piece with clean, fresh water before introducing into the aquarium.

Cleaning and Handling
  • Clean periodically to remove organic matter or algae. Scrub each with a medium bristle brush and spray with a pressure nozzle.
  • To remove more persistent organic material or algae, soak overnight in an organic cleaner.
  • Use a weak solution of water and chlorine-based bleach as an algaecide for final cleaning. DO NOT immerse in concentrations greater than 10% for longer than 2-3 minutes.
  • Always rinse thoroughly and use a dechlorinator before placing into the aquarium.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including "Styrene", which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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