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Fluval 06 Multi-Stage Canister Filters
Fluval 06 Multi-Stage Canister Filters
Additional sizes may be available!
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* Upgraded aquarium filter boasts more power and conveniences than the Fluval 05
* Enhanced filter performance for superior aquarium water quality
* Includes essential aquarium filter media to streamline filter installation

Improved performance, quiet operation and easier start up help make aquarium-keeping worry free. The Fluval 06 is the next generation model from a trusted line of multi-stage canister filters. Most notable is the advanced motor technology that boosts filter performance. Increased hydraulic performance delivers the power to maintain strong flow rates through customized stages of mechanical, chemical, biological AND fine mechanical filtration. The new 06 Series Filters boast additional user-friendly features for extra convenience that makes aquarium fish keeping more enjoyable. Includes 1/2" OD ribbed hosing (76987 comes with 8.5' and 76988 comes with 9.8') for ease in set up.

Fluval canister design holds 35-50% more volume than round canisters of a similar size. Increased volume means more filter media AND a larger filtration area. This advantage is multiplied by directing water through a complex flow path that maximizes contact with each filtration stage. The result is optimized efficiency, reduced need for maintenance AND the reliable flow of filtered aquarium water.

Fluval 06 Multi-Stage Canister Filters include filter media pre-packed for basic filtration. Filter media is placed in the filter baskets at the recommended positions. To achieve maximum filter efficiency, Fluval 06 introduces the Fluval Bio-Foam*. This "3-Dimensional" filter foam maximizes filter performance with greater mechanical and biological filtration. Smaller particles and debris are removed while unique pore structure maximizes the surface area for beneficial bacterial colonization. Available in four distinct sizes - each with increasing flow rates and filter capacities - to suit any small to mid-sized home or commercial aquarium. For use with freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

Redesigned Fluval 06 Multi-Stage Canister Filters are 8 to 15% more quiet than previous models thanks to a sound-dampening impeller design. Reengineered "instant prime system" ensures start up ease. Once running, the new Aqua-Stop Valves let you disconnect and then reconnect the hosing without compromising the system's vacuum seal. This means instant stop and restart capabilities for convenient filter maintenance without the need for priming.

Additional features include strengthened Lift-lock clamps for secure closure; improved hose lock nuts and Rim Connector Assemblies for secure installation of filter hoses; Intake Strainer with clog-proof, wide-mouth design for steady, rapid siphoning; and signature interchangeable media baskets for greater flexibility to customize filtration.

Feature Fluval 206
Pump Power 10W
Flow Rate
206 gph
# of
4.84 L
(1-1/4 gal)
Filter Media
Foam Blocks x 4
Water Polishing Pad x 1
Carbon x 1
Bio-Foam x 1
Size (up to)
40 gallons
Dimensions* 7.5" x 6.8" x 14.4" high

*Dimensions are for the canister only, the aquastops add about 3 inches to the height.

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